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I have another web site on the internet. Use the picture to the left, or the URL below to go to the site.

URL: TheOldRobots.Org

This site presents Robots after The First Wave Of Robotics and has information and pictures for your connivance.

Please let me know what you think of it. Enjoy!


I have another web site on the internet. Use the picture to the left, or the URL below to go to the site.

URL: The Old Robots Web Site

This site presents Robots from the 1980's to 1990's and has more information, instruction manuals, and pictures for your connivance. You can download and copy them freely, and if you need more information or higher resolution picture, you can contact me.

Please let me know what you think of it. Enjoy!


I have another web site on the internet. Use the picture to the left, or the URL below to go to the site.

URL: http://www.youtube.com/user/oldrobots

This site presents Robots, Robots, Robots and Robots. It has videos from theoldrobots and many web sites on the internet presented here for your convenience. It is a great starting point to a diversity of Robots.

If you like the Video Clips from YouTube TM which includes movie clips created by The Old Robots Web Site, you should visit the site and rate the clips. Please let me know what you think of it. Enjoy!

Welcome! If you have arrived here you have an interest in robots or robotics and you are looking for information. This web site is the results of a researching, identifying, collecting and recording of that information for you.

To the individuals that have designed and created these robots, and has put part of their lives in their work to successfully create these robots, the goal of this web site is recognize those individuals and is dedicated to retain this information and history.

This web site contains only part of the 'First Wave of Robotics' and the research, time, frustration, hope, knowledge and work that has gone into creating and building these robots, is not always available, recorded or retained, but should be recognized.

The next generation of individuals and robots, will have the same issues and probably more problems than addressed here, to deal with. It is with the understanding that with a little more information they can take us to the next step along the way.

The picture of these robots is a recording of part of our history of robots and is intended to be part of that process. I hope that you copy and retain many or all of the pictures and information that is presented here, and reuse them, as you need.

Robots are here now. In this day and age we tend to forget that robots are not a thing of the past, but are with us every day. As we look, sell, repair and use toy, educational, personal, industrial and commercial robots, I still have people ask me, " What useful purpose do they serve? What can they do? Can they help me with my work? Are these are just toys for children? Do they take my job away from me?

My answer is: "They can do work and help us make a living and make our lives easier. It puts food on the table and a roof over our head. Robots help us do work, learn and entertain us, and is part of the proving grounds of our future advances in that technology, and it could be viewed as a experimental stage of our ideas."

I cannot say that the robots of today are our products of tomorrow because they are our products of today. More than half of the world use robots, or make their living from it. Finance, Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Delivery, Sales, Marketing, Management and Law are just a few of the areas affected. Our economy in this century will be in very poor shape if it was not for robots.

The Old Robot: I dream. . . . . . . . When I was created or born in the 1980's, I was one of the few and select robots that had a purpose, to play, teach and entertain. I was young, didn't have a onboard computer, but didn't need one at the time. Besides, they were not readily available and need by me for my purpose. Who say's a robot must always have a computer.

I could move around in all directions, learn, teach, sleep, wake up and move around to pre-programmed functions, tell time, talk from others, talk on my own after pre recording, had my own limited language, carry things, sing and entertain. I stimulated people to dream of new ideas for science and technology when they were young. Young minds looked at me and taught of ways to improve and give me more functions, grew up and invented them, but put them on others.

I dreamed of growing up and doing more things, I waited and waited. Even though I traveled around the world, was international in all areas, (all countries knew of me or sold me) my brothers and sisters did become famous through the movies, and I was regulated to my everyday tasks.

So I waited and dreamed of growing up and doing greater things. It has been over twenty-three years and to a robot that is like being over a (100) hundred years old. I have been put in attics, garages, and basements thrown away into the junkyards and forgotten.

But I am persistent, I still live and still I dream. I will survive; I am tough, versatile and have hopes and dreams of my purpose for a future. I wait and I dream . . . . . . . .

Omnibot ® 5402

Source: My Collection - Updated 11-14-2007